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Having been working in the conventional as well as in the alternative medical field for more than 40 years and knowing the good and beneficial sides of both parts, I had remained somewhat skeptical about the use of “invisible forces”. Even though I was intuitively drawn to these approaches there was often a little doubt: “Is it really true, can it really be?”

Then about 6 month ago I was introduced to a book with the title “Soul- Medicine”, written by Norman Shealy and Dawson Church. I am fascinated and incredibly thankful for this book, because it gives me answers to many of my questions and expresses perfectly in a scientific way what a part of me always felt was true.

It is a breakthrough guide to the emerging landscape of energy medicine as it opens the door to a quantum model for healing as a sacred art. It shows that our consciousness holds the key to well being and good health. In this article I want to share with you the concept of Soul-Medicine.

Chapala Health Food MedicineTo indigenous peoples, “medicine” has always been based on soul or spirit. In contemporary culture, the concept of mind-body medicine has gained wide acceptance. In Soul Medicine the third leg of the healing triangle is incorporated: the Soul.

Soul Medicine is based on the belief that a doubt about purpose or spiritual meaning in life is a major root cause of many illnesses. Soul connection promotes health and the denying of the soul connection promotes disease. In soul medicine the physical body is primarily a mechanism of soul expression on the physical level. Human consciousness can reflect the qualities and intentions of soul consciousness, but if it does not reflect and transmit the qualities and powers of that soul, significant psychological and physical problems can result.

Soul Medicine assumes the existence of the soul and believes that if there is a soul, it can be expressed through the body, mind and emotional realm of each person. Healing flows through this soul connection and when blocks to this flow are removed it promotes health. The connection between soul and body is made through consciousness, supported by intention. Changes in consciousness definitively cause changes in health.

The 3 Pillars of Soul Medicine

Lake Chapala Ajijic Health FoodThe first pillar: Human being is seen as an energy system. Healing is approached at the level of the energy system first, not at the level of the actual physical condition. Illnesses and symptoms are seen as guides, helping both healers and patients to detect energy imbalances and correct them. They are sources of important information and messages, rather than only nuisances to be removed. In previous articles I mentioned illness and disorders should be seen as messages (of the soul) to bring back balance into someone’s life (energetic system).

Essentially, everything in the universe is energy and each atom in the body vibrates at a certain energy level. Each of us has a unique “energy signature”. (In Homeopathy for example this individual energy pattern, expressed through signs and symptoms of a sick person leads the homeopath to the right remedy). Our soul resonates in a certain “vibrational” frequencies. When we bring our mind and body to similar vibrations, so that they are functioning in the same range as our soul, then there is resonance among them. This allows healing to flow easily through the body.

The Second Pillar: Consciousness

A change of consciousness automatically changes the energy system and therefore consciousness is the most important factor to correct when searching for healing.

Consciousness is implicit throughout the universe and our souls connect ourselves to that greater consciousness. It connects us to the quantum field in which all things are possible. When human consciousness has a strong intention of being one with the divine consciousness, allowing itself to be conditioned by the consciousness of the soul, then a huge range of possibilities, including miraculous healings, become possible.

The reality picture of the soul becomes the reality picture of the body. Limitations experienced as physical disease, emotional turmoil, doubt and worries then fall away. They are replaced by a state of peace and a sense of well being.

This is the consciousness in which the medicine of the soul can flow into the body and healing is possible.

The Third Pillar: Intention

Lake Chapala Ajijic Alternative MedicineIntention shapes the outcome of the healing; it provides the power, the motive force, to start the complex chain of events that result in healing. Without intention, the potential in the field of consciousness remains untapped. Weak or conflicted intentions on the patients as well as on the therapist’s side can never be as effective as strong and clear intentions.

At the soul level we have access to healing wisdom. There are healing possibilities in this infinite field of infinite possibilities that are completely beyond the borders of our present knowledge. When we still our busy minds and attune our experience to the “voice” of our soul, we have access to those healing possibilities. Everyone can do it with practice but sometimes we need help.

Healers are people who are holding a powerful intention for healing another. When a sick person enters the field of a healer and is affected by the healer’s intention their field is conditioned and reorganized by that of the healer. The healer produces an effect different from that produced by the sick person.
Healing – mediated by consciousness and activated by intention – occurs when the patient’s energy system is triggered to conform to the soul’s blueprint.

Soul Medicine seeks to safely remove the blocks and barriers to the flow of energy whether the blocks are spiritual, physical, mental, emotional or energetic.

The Many Faces of Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine ties together many energy-based therapeutic healing methods.

They include many of the modalities called complementary or alternative medicine, such as:

  • Living a conscious lifestyle, including exercise, dancing, yoga, healthy diet
  • Healthy relationships
  • Meditation, hypnosis, contemplation, retreats, prayer, affirmations
  • Massage and other somatic therapies, such as osteopathic adjustments, cranio–sacral therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Meridian Tapping
  • Laying on of hands, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki
  • Biofeedback and creative visualization
  • Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Sound, light and color therapies
  • Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers
  • Electromagnetic stimulation

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Soul Medicine is a unifying concept that explains why so many different therapies work including allopathic medicine. Whenever some part of the energy field is affected by a treatment and resonates with it, the whole system is affected. For example somebody smiles at you on a dark day or puts the hand on your shoulders to comfort you or somebody encourages you by giving you hope and takes fears away – all of theses can have healing effects. We have to see human beings, health and disease as an intertwined dynamic process in relationship with its organs and its environment rather than as separate parts.

Each of the above listed therapies has the potential to remove blockages and to promote a free flow of energy. Which treatment is used depends on what is most effective for that particular condition of that particular person.

Soul Medicine focuses on therapies without negative side effects. Instead it opens the natural healing capacity of the body and engages positive beliefs and intentions. It focuses on the spiritual connection between the soul and body.

Fortunately we live in times, where the concept of Soul Medicine is no longer a metaphysical curiosity or quackery. There are hundreds of scientific studies that point out the link between spirituality and healing, between energy therapies and healing, between beliefs and intentions, prayer and healing, and between faith and healing.

I highly recommend reading the book “Soul Medicine” to everybody who wants to learn more about this.

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