Healing: The Convergence of Science and Spirit

Healing is a sacred art. Practically all of the ancient texts describe the art of healing as a divine process in which healing the body first requires healing the spirit.

In contrast we find that we are constantly dependent on expensive medical services with our purely, rational materialistic thinking. If we want to receive or repair our health from our own resources, we need to use our natural energies and abilities which all humans possess.

The real cutting edge of medicine today is not to be found in invasive therapies like drugs and surgery.  It is in the disciplines that once were regarded as “soft” medicine: i.e. prayer, therapeutic touch, energy healing, homeopathy, sound therapy, acupressure and other alternative therapies.

Overwhelming evidence from hundreds of scientific studies shows that these safe, non invasive approaches are often more effective than conventional medicine.  While providing dramatically better cure and longevity rates, they are also a fraction of the cost.

When the potential of technical and chemical medicine accelerated during the second half of this century, the “spirit” in healing was neglected or banned. That is, the consciousness that healing is a sacred art was overshadowed by a more scientific modality. Respect for the healing power of prayer, faith and love diminished dramatically as chemical medicine produced more and more astonishing physical results.

Scientific research has made a phenomenal contribution to the knowledge we need to have about the chemistry and physiology of our own bodies. At the same time, the wonderful role of the Sacred has been reduced to the status of superstition and non-provable effects of thought, and dropped completely from the list of significant factors that contribute to health.

We have to look at the interior of the human being and soul and its position of power within the human body.

In a quantum universe, space and time are probabilities rather than absolutes. The science of physics was shaken tremendously beginning a century ago by the emergence of quantum physics. When the first discoveries were made and the implications of its new findings began to reflect throughout research and theory, the certainties of the old Newtonian physics began to falter.

Interestingly, the implications of quantum physics are used everywhere in our lives today. Our modern world with internet and high speed technology would not exist without it.

But for some reason, quantum physics has not entered into the thinking in our medical world (except in diagnostics). Very slowly we are seeing a shift in the thinking processes among certain groups of people, of doctors and of scientists working to bridge science and spirituality.

One of them, Bruce Lipton, PhD Cell biologist and author of the groundbreaking bestseller “The Biology of Belief” says:

 “Conventional medicine works with the iron filings, whereas a deeper form of healing would attempt to influence the magnetic field. Most doctors today don’t see the field, so they are trying to figure out the relationship between the filings without even trying to incorporate the energy field in which they exist.”

In his experiments he shows in great detail the mechanisms by which the membranes of cells change in order to activate genes. The activities of the mind affect body functions. Changes in thinking and belief can have a direct effect on our cells.

When someone has a shift of belief it can radically change the epigenetics. This means that the same genetic code will now be interpreted completely differently and this could be the difference between cancer and remission.

He also says that the existence of these mechanisms shows why conventional medicine, alternative therapies and energetic medicine can all be effective in producing healing. Each of them may be affecting the field through their own method of intervention.

Another interesting point is: In the Newtonian universe, the healing agents – drugs, doctors, surgery, hospitals, healers, even shamans – must be present in the same space and time as the patient in order for healing to take place. In a quantum universe, the energy field in which a patient exists can produce healing without any need for a spatial or temporal connection. Phenomena like distant healing – healing across great distances, are conceivable.

A quantum universe is a set of probabilities, susceptible to influence by many factors, including thought, will and intention. It is a universe in which spontaneous remission of disease is possible and in which the influence of a healer using non physical treatments can be as effective as conventional medical treatment.

Our knowledge of energetic medicine is still at the early stage of discovery. We have instruments to measure the human energy field to tolerances impossible a century ago. But we are still far from understanding mechanisms that produce these effects. I am sure, further research over the next decades will allow us to understand the interior as well and reduce what seems like an esoteric mystery.

We are entering a new era of healing, expressed in the so called “Soul Medicine”.

Sooner or later it will be investigated, described and understood by science. I hope the gifts of this medicine are on their way toward becoming a routine part of medical treatments

“Soul Medicine” makes medical use of that quantum coherence that gives rise to consciousness in order to effect healing.

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