The Healing Consciousness

Since primeval times humans looked for ways to find the hidden source of healing; a miracle force that closes wounds and restores the lost connection to life. Thousands of years ago the healers prayed for the assistance of the spirits. They discovered possibilities of changing their consciousness until it revealed the landscape of the patient’s soul and in such a way they found healing for their families and tribes. In later times, humans developed completely different conceptions, far away from old myths.

In Greece lie the origins of our modern medical thinking, which looks at the mechanics of the body for the secret of illness and healing. In those days two directions developed and until today they hope to find the solution of the healing mystery.

A long time ago the representatives of old mystical thinking retreated under sharp attacks by representatives of modern medicine. Their successes in healing were declared as effects of placebos, hocus pocus or coincidence. But more and more people, especially young parents with ill children and chronically sick patients, are increasingly disappointed by modern medicine and are looking for alternatives.

The field of Complementary Medicine (Natural and Energetic Medicine,Homeopathy, Acupuncture etc.) that trusts the self healing capacity of thehuman body and believes in the power of our consciousness and thoughts is experiencing an enormous upswing. Particularly through findings of psychoneuroimmunology and newer brain research studies, it is proven that within our consciousness and our thoughts lies a great healing power.

Obviously, very subtle energetic processes influence the course of an illness. Modern quantum physics sees our consciousness as a force that is able to form visible and measurable reality.

The question arises: what role does the body play and what role does the spirit play.

A better model studies the thought models of healers and shamans and at the same time sees the factual results of modern science. The more one studies the more one sees that these two roles are only two sides of the same reality. Each point of view has its validity, each is true, but neither is showing the whole picture.

The answer is not an “either – or” , but an “as well as” and it is about integration of body, mind, soul and spirit.

In the process of healing, the state of the patient’s mental and emotional condition is probably the most important factor. But this factor is totally underestimated in our modern life.

Disharmony on the mental and emotional levels is the cause of almost all illness. For example, restrained, displaced, self destructive feelings, extremely egoistic objectives or a lack of confidence in the flow of life, (which means in the long run the absence of a spiritual dimension), can be very harmful.

Illness is expressed in symptoms. They are the language of our body and of our soul. They are our inner voices. People who are open to work with this concept will learn to use the symptoms as signals and at the same time will welcome them as friends and helpers. Illness has a corrective function and this is its deeper meaning. It will always exist.

In a relaxed condition one can communicate with ones soul and listen to the internal answers. The internal voice knows why we are sick or why we have certain problems and it knows which path we have to choose in our life to get back to harmony and health.

Deepak Chopra says: Each of our trillions of cells is constantly listening to our thoughts. Are they positive and supportive to our self regulatory mechanisms or negative and fearful?

Our thoughts manifest themselves in our body either in positive or negative ways. These realizations are proven by many scientists, who are building a bridge between science and spirituality (metaphysics.)

Reality is created by thought forms. When we again and again occupy ourselves with an idea then we give power to it. We give it space in our mind and it becomes a material form. For example, pain will increase because it receives meaning. Concerns and fear, that behind the symptom is a serious illness, feed the symptom, make it bigger and move it into the foreground of perception. That can start a cascade of other problems. In this way dreams and fantasies, fears and projections have a material power. The fearful thoughts then create reality itself.

The psychosocial oncologist, Carl O. Simonton, discovered many years ago that a skeptical view about the chances of recovery effects the process of an illness negatively. The patient, scared by the diagnosis and not believing in healing very often falls into a depression. Of course, this is a condition that aggravates the situation.

Too often physicians and their patients expect a gradual worsening and this forecast will come true. It is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Contrary to that, a positive attitude of the patient, including the acceptance of the support of all the people around him, can become the best and most effective medicine.

The readiness to take responsibility for our whole life and the willingness, to make health our own matter, is the basis for healing. When people recover from a serious illness, it rarely happens without a change in the attitude, without readiness and giving deep internal permission to that change.

Fear and hopelessness weaken our immune system. A continual fight against our own feelings or ill will toward others causes imbalance in our energetic field and disturbs the self- regulatory mechanisms.

Acceptance, trust and hope have a healing effect. Most importantly, gratitude and the readiness to forgiveness are powerful tools to release curative impulses for body and soul.

All this, together with the imagination of beauty, love and joy is a path, which can help us overcome even severe illnesses. Internal pictures and visualizations possess the power for change. These pictures, however, have to be in resonance with our emotions, our heart and our soul. Only then can they create a positive, supportive reaction. Brain researchers and thousands of therapists around the world are constantly witnessing incredible healings when patients follow their inner peaceful path.

People who look at illness from this perspective remain in a strong and pro- active position and do not become helpless victims who create their own misery. But everyone has to do it in congruence with himself, with his individual desires and hopes. Whether the problem is big or small, life threatening or unimportant, everybody has a choice to make use of our healing consciousness. The nice thing about it is that it not only contributes to our own health but at the same time radiates to all the people around us.

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