Detoxification Cure- Inner Cleansing – The most effective cure to poor health

A sick body is a “toxic” body and if we want to heal this body, we have at first to eliminate the sludge before a real cure can take place.

Metabolic acidic waste substances are especially stored around joints and connective tissue, but also in inner organs, in arteries and in the lymphatic tissue. If a person is young or has sufficient exercise and a healthy diet, the body can eliminate these products by itself. But if a person has a sedentary life style, too much stress and a wrong diet, then the body’s own organs can not eliminate these substances sufficiently. They block the normal function of regulatory mechanisms and that leads to ailments, pain and chronic sickness. The result is a typical problem in our modern society and life style. .

It is a matter of fact, that never before in the history have there been so many people suffering from chronic illnesses as are common today: obesity, diabetes, allergies, irritable bowl syndrome, coronary diseases, cancer, arthritis, just to name a few; are illnesses that could have been avoided or prevented.  We spend more money than ever on health care programs, our technical standard of medicine has never been better than now – but in spite of that – are we really healthier? We live longer yes, but how is the quality of life of millions of people? 

Turn the condition of not feeling well into vibrant health!

An Inner cleansing cure treatment based on Natural Medicine is easy to do and it is fun to see how fast somebody moves into a healthier state, gaining more energy, sleeping better and having  less pain.  

The cure can be done at home on your own, lasting from a few days up to 2 to 3 weeks .  You can do it at home with the support of a health practitioner who creates your individual regimen plan  or you can stay for a while  in a place where they do everything for you and you will be busy almost all day long with some of the procedures (there are a few of these places in and around  Guadalajara).  The more severe the condition, the more health problems somebody has, the more carefully it has to be done and it is recommended to do it under the supervision of a professional.

How does it work? 

Natural methods, practiced  all over the world for  many centuries,  are mainly used to get rid of  sludge and waste substances. The 5 elements of nature: water, air, sun, soil and herbs provide us all That we need.

For example water in different forms and stages as in a steam bath or sauna, foot and sitting bath; or soil in form of mud packs; also herbs in the form of teas or poultices. With  proper breathing techniques the cells get oxygenated and the variety of vegetables and fruits are used as natural remedies to bring back balance between alkalinity and acidity.

A major focus is also directed to intestinal cleansings and the re-establishment of a healthy intestinal flora. Other techniques help to cleanse the lymphatic vessels. The goal is to support the body in its own regulatory and healing mechanisms so that the immune system can function well and effectively. The best and most reasonable way to do it is by undergoing these inner cleansing cures.

Choose a time, where there are not so many birthdays, visitors and parties around. Create a plan with a quit strict time regimen that also includes exercises, going to a gym, yoga, tai chi, or   brisk morning walks. Choose whatever you like and what you feel comfortable with. It does not make sense if you force yourself to go jogging, when there is nothing that you hate more than that.

Try to support yourself with positive affirmations, avoid people who are negative or trying to talk you out of your dedication. Love and accept your body and keep that inside knowledge, that it will work out perfectly.  Loosing weight is a “side-product” of these cures. So please don´t bother yourself by an anxious morning look at the scale. Your weight will come off anyway !

Believe me: It is fun when you see how easily you can change to a state of better health. Going slowly but surely in the right direction is the main successful ingredient and by the way:  There is no better place that here in Mexico to do it: the warm climate, the thermal water, the countless people who work in the health business and want to support you in your determination stay go on the road to a healthier life. And last but not least, the overall ALEGRIA (happiness) that is so typical for this area.

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