Medicine in the Western World – Health Care Or Sick Care?

Aging without quality of life is not exciting. Despite modern progress in dealing with acute illness, the proportion of chronic disease in the general population has increased.  Modern therapy is often helpless when faced with crippling chronic disease and is consequently reduced to providing  merely palliative rather than curative treatment.  We live in times, when scientific and technical progress  of medicine is at its highest point of development and we spend a lot of money on health care.

Despite this massive  expenditure on treatments, people are not necessarily healthier and suffer from illnesses  that are largely preventable: heart disease, arthritis, cancer, depression, allergies, fibromyalgia, immune deficiencies. The question is, how can it be that conventional medicine is treating people for years as they develop obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders or depression? And they just get pain killers, sleeping pills, antibiotics, anti depressants?

Basically this approach only enables them to continue a life style that make them sick in  the first place. Why are preventative therapies are not initiated when there is still time to do that?

What is going wrong? Did we all loose our common sense when it comes to illness?  Why do we no longer trust our perfect, naturally designed defense system? There are many questions to ask and many answers to give. But one answer is simple: When we are sick, it is highly profitable to a number of giant corporations. When we are well, it does not profit them much at all.

Food and pharmaceutical companies are using very subtle brain washing to make people think
it’s OK to continue living in excess disregarding the consequences because they can rely on these same people for the quick easy solution to their symptoms instead of teaching people how to help themselves and think about what they can do to treat the causes of their illness. People are being lulled into taking no action to keep themselves healthy. It’s as if it’s wrong to take care of yourself but it’s OK to indulge and over indulge.

Alternatives therapies, exercise, and healthy life style changes are often perceived as a competitive threat to the drug manufacturers. The problem is very complex and has different factors. But I am convinced that it is mostly the life style in our modern civilization that leads to chronic sickness.  And it is not only the overmedication with drugs or the processed, chemically overloaded  food, that is causing the problem,  it is the stress of our daily life with  running after money, status,  and material things, watching TV for hours and by that being  exposed to the bombardment of commercials and violence.

It is also the disturbance of and loosing contact with our natural environment, the failure to develop healthy personal relationships and support systems.  It is that we have given up responsibility for our own health and body, we are not connected with our inner doctor’s voice, our intuition, when it comes to illness. Pain and ailments are very often the first sign, that something in our body or life is out of harmony. If we don`t listen to these warnings, the next message will be stronger. They are like a friend helping us to correct things in life. And when we take good care of ourselves, then we can trust our own  natural healing and defense mechanisms and we don`t have to be in a state of fear and worries.

There is a lot of doubt, skepticism, mistrust going on, between these two positions of medicine.   I see the advantages of the conventional medicine, the wonderful results we have through modern surgery, heart and eye operations, diagnostics and of course –   life saving and supportive chemical drugs. But I also see, that where this medicine fails is exactly where Alternative Medicine comes into the picture.  Health and illness is often enough just a mystery.  There is no single answer and there is no single cure that serves every condition or every person.  We have to have an open and critical mind to look through the confusion that exists in our medical world.

I am convinced that through the use of preventative methods and natural medicine millions of people could be healthier. I believe that the costs of health care could be reduced to a minimum and I am committed to the idea that conventional mainstream medicine and alternative medicine have to come together to serve humanity in an optimum way.

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