Acidity and Alkalinity is an Important Health Factor

The importance of having an acidity-alkalinity balanced metabolism

Natural medicine is based on the concept of balance in our metabolic functions. Disease develops often in an over acidic body. The role of alkalinity and acidity for our overall health is still unknown or unclear to many people. This article will give you information about cause and effect of an unbalanced alkalinity and acidity system regarding to health and disease. It is of special importance at this time of the year to improve our immune system and to protect us from respiratory infections.

The alkaline-acidity metabolism plays a central role in our body. It provides optimal psychological function for all our organs. General changes over the last 50 years in our life style and eating habits plus unhealthy environmental conditions, lack of physical activities, less water intake, less perspiration and overall stress have led to unbalanced metabolic processes in a large part of our population and is the cause of many chronic diseases.


Our organism has constantly to deal with acid and alkaline substances. They are developed through metabolic processes but they are also influenced by external factors (food, life style). Acidity and alkalinity has to be in a certain relation to each other. For example in order to survive, our blood must be exactly in the small range of ph 7.35 and 7.45. Beyond that we would die. To keep that important blood level right, the body uses buffer systems, located in blood and lungs. Kidneys and intestines also work to eliminate acid substances they are not needed.

Tissue as storage for acidity

When there is too much acidity and the body’s regulatory mechanisms cannot eliminate it sufficiently, then it comes to a condition, called over acidity. The term describes a latent or chronic condition in which the body stores the overload of acid substances in soft tissues, joints, ligaments, muscles and arteries by still keeping the blood ph in range. Arthritis, muscle and back pain, lack of energy, swellings, edemas and painful skin areas with adhesions are the results. Over acidity creates also the condition for developing chronic diseases (see metabolic syndrome).

It is easy to measure the blood, saliva or urine ph, but unfortunately the ph of the tissue cannot be measured by lab tests. This fact makes it difficult for conventional medicine to believe in the concept of over acidity as a sickening factor.

Practical recommendations

The diet is – beside of a healthy life style en general – the basic component of a balanced metabolism and provides therapeutic repair. As a general rule: 70 – 80 % of our food should be of alkaline or neutral forming while only 20 % should acid forming food. In that way the over acidity can be neutralized and eliminated. Important: The taste of a food does not determine if it creates acidity or alkalinity. Lemons for instance are one of the strongest alkalizers of our metabolism.

Acid forming foods are meat, poultry, cheese, all sweets, bread, pasta, peanuts, coffee, caffeine, refined fats, margarine and alcohol, drugs.

Alkaline forming foods are most vegetables, potatoes, fruits, mineral water without gas, herbal teas. Neutral reacting are whole rice, milk, fat and oils, butter.

For complete lists please check out websites or contact the author.

Most mistakes

Very common is: Eating too fast, too much, too often, too heavy, too late with not long enough resting phase for the digestive tract during the night. Insufficient chewing reduces the production of digestive juices and enzymes. The best alkaline based diet with lots of fruits and raw vegetables is not beneficial, when the food cannot be digested well. Undigested food causes putrefaction (acidity!), heartburn, stomach acidity, flatulence and makes the intestines susceptible for parasitic infections. The entire digestive system must function well for good health.

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