Are Knee And Hip Replacements Avoidable?

LnB Pain Point Pressure in combination with “bottle neck stretching” provides successful alternatives to surgeries.

I have recently more training in the Liebscher and Bracht Pain Point Pressure Therapy. Though the method is becoming very well-known in Europe, the training and the supporting materials are currently only available in German.

From my very first contact with the LnB Pain Therapy almost 2 years ago, I was absolutely convinced about its effectiveness. The theory behind is it very logical and clear and coincides with the technique that I have used successfully over many years in treating painful conditions of my clients.

The founder of the LnB method developed a systematic approach to relieve almost all pain that have their origins in the muscular skeletal area. Getting rid of pain is only one task of the treatment. Bringing back the body’s own ability to heal and to prevent pain and further structural damage by doing specific exercises is actually the higher purpose of the approach.

This concept addresses the self responsibility of each person actively participating in the healing process, and learning that pain medication, surgeries and joint replacements are not the only solution.

Through the combination of passive (pain point pressure) and active (stretching exercises) interventions, many predicted or even already planned surgeries are become unnecessary.

Increased number of joint replacements

Over the last few years the number of joint replacements increased dramatically. There are different reasons for this increase, but it is primarily the result of our sitting lifestyle. About 80 – 90 % of our time we are sitting; eating, in cars, on computers, reading books, watching TV, playing games and even at night sleeping.

Consequently all the muscles in front of our body become shorter, and with time, these shortened muscles can cause unbalanced contractions on the joints and damage to the cartilage. Statistics show that we only use about 30 % of all our muscles. But muscle activity creates good circulation and this is crucial for sufficient nutrition, oxygen supply and elimination of toxins. Rigidity, stiffness and over acidity are results of inactivity resulting in pain.

Pain is mainly a warning signal

Pain according to Liebscher und Bracht is a warning signal of our “inner wisdom” and not due to arthritis, degeneration, calcifications or inflammation. Proof of this theory is that the pain almost immediately disappears through applied pressure on nerve receptors where tendons are connected to bones. These receptors are also responsible for monitoring the mechanical structure and in case of tightness or tension, they send out pain signals as a warning to us, to correct the unbalanced situation and to protect further damage.

The pressure applied to these points leads via a reflex arch with the central nervous system, to an instant relaxation of the muscle. This message of being “released and soft” creates relaxation around the joints and speeds reduction of pain, independent of the actual situation (except pain from acute injuries).

Normally 3 therapy sessions for a single problem are recommended.

This revolutionary theory is in contradiction to the mainstream thinking which says that pain is the result of structural damage. This concept makes a big difference the way the problem is analyzed and treated. When we know, that we can stop the process of damage and that the joint including the cartilage can recover, then we don’t have to passively and fearfully expect unavoidable surgeries.

The LnB method is different from acupressure and trigger point therapy, because it addresses different locations.

Bottle neck stretching for further improvement

The goal of a lasting successful pain therapy must focus on the cause of the problem. Therefore “home work” is 3 or 4 short exercises that are based on the patient’s individual problem. Because people almost immediately feel less pain and more mobility, I experienced a high motivation in them to follow the regimen.

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  1. Recovering from lumbar laminectomy L4-L5, done 1.13.2016, successful. Just returned from Dr office took x-ray of pelvic area informed that I possibly need hip surgery both…NO WAY, I was involved in auto crash 12.4.2014, was seeing “pain mgnt dr” giving injections, which did nothing, my Atty sent me to surgeon who did L4-L5 operation, I would like to look at ANY holistic approach, I WAS an advid paddleboarder, walker, & bike rider! HELP, PLEASE…..thank you

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