How You Think & And Your Health

In my daily work, I often see people who are not aware of the connection between their mind, their thinking and their physical or emotional condition.

I like to quote Deepak Chopra who said: “Our trillions of cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts. Our consciousness creates the biochemistry of the body. Our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions direct the chemical reactions that take place in every single cell. The mind and body are inseparable”.

This is such important information for understanding illness.

So many people have been told by their doctors that they have this or that problem and that they have to take medications for the rest of their life for high blood pressure, asthma, depression, or inflammatory processes. They have to take statins, anti depressants or cortisone, forever. Or they have been told that there is no cure for the problem and that they have to live with it: “Just make the best of it.” For many people these statements, when they come from medical authorities, seem to be imprinted in stone .They have no questions or doubts about these decrees.

I want to emphasize, that our self regulatory systems, the nervous, circulatory, hormone, nerve or immune system have the incredible power to re-establish functions when they are “out of balance”, when dysfunction and illness occur. However, we create obstacles to this force, when we create thought patterns that prohibit the system from working properly and allow healing.

The strongest obstacles are limiting thoughts and belief systems about our health problems.

If you believe that there is no cure or help – there is no cure or help. The body reacts to its circumstances.

Ongoing stress is very detrimental to health and many current health issues started in those years during a demanding lifestyle. Raising children, jobs, relationships, money fears etc. are stress producers. During these years, we may have developed various diseases of rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome etc.

Now our life situation is different. We can provide healthier conditions to our body. We get wiser, we learn about healthier nutrition, about the importance of being active, how to sustain positive relationships and to look at life from a different point of view as we become more tolerant, more social – finally we can do things we always wanted to do and can be in touch with our soul purposes. And our body will respond to it.

Illness, dysfunction, pain – all are messages from our “inner wisdom” that our regulatory systems are no longer capable of maintaining the proper function. But in the same way we get sick, this process can be reversed to create health.

Each living system always tries to move toward a healthy, balanced functioning. In plants, animals or human beings, each little cell or each organ system tries to protect itself from damage and opens up to flowing energy for optimal circumstances.

Our thoughts are powerful instruments to influence this system – in either direction.

When we believe, we can improve, we can manage our body without taking certain drugs – because we are in a different life situation and because we provide the body everything that it needs to become healthy – it opens up the energy channels to heal and to turn the page from being miserable to feeling good.

Diagnoses are helpful to understand what is wrong, what is out of order in the body. But unfortunately, very often they come with dangerous side effects.

Not questioning the diagnosis and the remedy, can create a mode of fear or desperation or may be taken as “eternal truth”. This cancels out logical reason and leads to dependency on other sources rather than the inner wisdom.

Take the information! Evaluate it! Then take the responsibility to act.

Barbara Rotthaler, German certified Health Practitioner and Naturopath can be reached at 01-376 766 1987 or email:

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