Breast Cancer Awareness

As probably many of you noticed: October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Because I had never heard it before, I was curious as to what it is and what the meaning of it is.

I thought it would be a wide spread information on how we can help prevent breast cancer and what they do for early detection along with appropriate treatments. I looked up English and German Websites but all what I found was promotion of mammograms – a real propaganda nation and worldwide.

Almost every website began with the same text: How shocking high the number of new breast cancer cases is and how many women every year die from it. The words cancer and death make sure; there is full attention to what they have to say. But unfortunately the whole awareness program is reduced to promoting early detection. No words about prevention! Do they confuse diagnosis with prevention?

I ask myself what are the real intentions of promoting “breast cancer awareness month” so strongly. Is it really to inform and encourage women how they can prevent and treat the illness or did they promote it in order to increase worldwide the use of x-ray mammography and aggressive chemo- and radiation treatment as the single answer to the condition? Which also implicit the impression there is nothing WE WOMEN can do about it beside of putting our body in the hands of the professionals.

Shouldn’t be prevention the most important subject? The primary causes of (breast) cancer are nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, environmental toxins and unnecessary Hormone Replacement Therapies. In addition lack of physical activities, sedentary life style, physical and emotional ongoing stress.

This is nothing spectacular, nothing new. We all know about these facts. Cancer is not an illness of the breast, it is the dysfunction of the whole regulatory system in our body that is not able to detect and eliminate the mutated cells. Neither x –rays, surgery nor radiation does help to re-establish this function. But we can provide the best conditions and support to this system so that it is able to fulfill its task.

Women are told, that they don’t have any influence on getting breast cancer or not. To create even more fear about this subject, scientists have found genes BRCA 1 and 2, that cause particularly aggressive types of cancer and they recommend taking off both breasts plus ovaries to avoid the cancer. Couldn’t it be the inherited life style that causes the reoccurrence of cancer in these families? No studies about that, but more worries amongst women.

The role of Vitamin D

It is scientifically proven that Vitamin D plays a key role in prevention of cancer says Carol Baggerly, Director of Grassroots Health and an expert on vitamin D and breast cancer. Living in an industrialized world with indoor lifestyles, lack of sunshine plus panic fear of being exposed to sun and using sun screens (more toxins) makes it even worse. “We have to make friend with the sun again” is one of Carol’s statements.( I highly recommend checking out the website: Dr.Mercola, interview with Carol Baggerly. )

Wearing tight bras are another critical factor and best to avoid or wearing them less often. These bras inhibit the lymphatic fluid that is responsible for removing waste and toxic substances from the tissue.

Similar negative effects have anti-transpirant deodorants, because they are suppose to stop the perspiration. But perspiration is one of the natural ways of the body to regulate temperature and to get rid of toxins.

I wish us all common sense and clear thinking when it comes to that highly emotionally discussed subject and even more so when we have to face the diagnosis.

Barbara Rotthaler, German certified Health Practitioner and Naturopath can be reached at 01-376 766 1987 or email:

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