Biological Complementary Cancer Therapy (Part I)

There is almost no month going by without being told about a friend or a well known acquaintance of  having cancer. As we all know, in spite of millions of dollars being spent for the  development of  hopefully more successful techniques, the results are – beside of little successes  –  not very encouraging. We still lose many people too early, too young and too painful.  The internet is full of advertisements of wonder drugs and methods suggesting that cancer is curable – but personal experiences with our sick friends show us: Even they tried everything, they lost the battle against the illness.

During my stay in Germany this year I had the opportunity to get in touch with the  “Gesellschaft fuer biologische Krebsabwehr e.V.” (Association for biological cancer defense). At the same time an international congresses took place about the same subject. “We need a change of paradigms in the therapy and aftercare of cancer patients and this change has to come fast” was one of the strongest postulations of the congress.  For a successful cancer treatment it is absolutely necessary to integrate biological therapies right from begin into the therapy concept.

What is biological complementary cancer therapy?

The biological or alternative approach is directed to increase the body’s own healing capacity by supporting the immune and other regulatory systems in the body. They prevent tumor progression and metastasis and help to improve the quality of life. When used already during aggressive chemo or radiation therapies they help to reduce unpleasant side effects.

The conventional (classical, standard, main-stream) cancer therapy uses primarily surgeries, chemotherapy or  radiation to remove or destroy the cancerous tumor. Biological therapies in their various forms are focused on the whole person.

In cancer treatments it is possible – of course- to decide going either the conventional or the unconventional path. But the practice is more and more to integrate these 2 approaches, to complement the tumor destructive methods with biological therapies.  It is not an “either or” rather than an “as well as” approach. ”

The main use of biological therapies starts after conventional therapies are finished,  when doctors say: “It is okay now, just come regularly for a control checking”. This “after-time” can be extremely difficult for  patients. They are caught up in self observation, almost paralyzed between hope and fear, but mainly “waiting for the next sign”.  During this time it is so important, that the person  is involved is active involved into the healing process. The variety of biological therapies is able to close this therapeutic gap and provides many possibilities to work in a positive way with the body.

Unfortunately most of the people worldwide are not aware of the fact, that cancer is not only a locally “out of the order acting cellular problem” but it is an “out of the order acting” of the whole person’s system. Cancer is a systemic illness and not only a local happening. We have to look individually at each patient and asking what is the cause of the dysfunction? Why was the immune system not able to keep the cells in regular order?

In my opinion one of the important question for the patient  is: “ What changes did you make, since you know you have cancer? “ The reason for this is simple. Everything the person does or has done over the years has lead to the current condition. Lifestyle, relationships, eating habits etc. all seems to be normal habits for the patient, but in some way they might have contributed to create a metabolic imbalance in the person’s system. Einstein says: Doing something in the same way over and over again and expecting each time a different outcome is insanity”.

It sounds very hard, but it is true actually for all our chronic health problems.  Illness works like a message and cancer is one of the strongest messages we can get. Consequently there has to be a major change after the diagnosis cancer, a change that provides optimal conditions and enables the immune system to function in a better appropriate way.

Psychological emotional support, activation of the metabolism, immune modulation and detoxification/ deacidification are the basic pillars of biological therapies.

A detailed explanation of these therapies will follow in the next month’s issue.

Barbara Rotthaler, German certified Health Practitioner and Naturopath can be reached at 01-376 766 1987 or email:

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