Self Healing – a Question of Consciousness?

Facing a difficult world

Under the current social and economic circumstances, the subject of Self Healing becomes more and more important. Our dependence on health systems and health insurances has reached its limit. All the recent measures to correct and improve the systems are just cosmetic.  Instead of waiting for a big political change, wouldn’t it be better to use one’s own initiative for healing? Can we become independent of these systems?

Many times I think it would be so good if everyone could more often visit a place for preventive treatments that includes joining a gym, yoga, hot springs etc and incorporate these into the healing regimen. But there is just not enough money to do all these additional things, and health insurances (if people have it) will not pay for it.

Without a robust world economy, I think we all know that the future will be, for many of us, not as easy as it was. Many people, especially retirees who belonged to the middle socio-economic class will turn into the lower socio-economic group.  But what happens in terms of our health?

More then ever it is important that we take care of our health! We must become less dependent on expensive medical systems, surgeries, health insurances and governmental support.

But many of us just don’t know how to do it. We know, that after an accident or surgery i.e. knee replacement, the body finally will heal, but it takes some time and  it might not be easy. But for the most part, we trust our self healing ability.

Why is it not possible in the area of chronic diseases to trust the bodies healing ability? Why do we need all these expensive and often harmful medications? Why do we rely so much on outside professionals when it comes to our own body?

The simple reason is that the majority of people still believe in the wonders of surgery and pharmaceuticals and we are literally brain washed by the commercials on the TV. We all know that there is big money behind this, and this money has the power over even governments and their health institutions throughout the world.

In Self healing we follow a different road. It is a process were we learn not only rely on advices from professionals or sources outside of ourselves but also taking charge and assuming responsibility for our own health both short term and long term.

The importance of having a good diet, to be active, to do physical workouts becomes obvious. But most important, people learn how to connect to the most powerful self healing source that ever existed. It is our soul, our inner voice, our inner adviser. I like to call it “my best friend”, who always knows the best path of life to avoid conflicts, to deal with challenges and to be in a harmonic state with the environment – which then results in good health.

If anything in our body or life is going wrong i.e. dysfunction, pain, illness, emotional problems – it is a message from this best friend that we have telling us to get back into a state of balance. Only then can our self healing capacity bring the performance for good health. As long as we carry negative emotions, we cannot be really healthy. And if we don’t listen to the many little warnings, the following message will be stronger and more severe.  This is my observation over the years in dealing with sick people.

Learning to listen to that inner voice, learning to ask questions about the cause of the problem, as you would talk and listen to your best friend, is one of the most important steps toward health.

Along with developing this consciousness you will be less fearful about “what goes wrong in the world” , you will become more and more  independent of a questionable health system, you will save a lot of money, improve your life quality and you will be more content and at peace within yourself and your environment.

Barbara Rotthaler, German licensed Holistic Practitioner and Naturopath can be reached at (376) 7661987 or by email

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