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In these days we hear so much about crime in Mexico. Voices get louder that the drug actions have reached already our area. Are we going to be afraid of living here? Are we to be afraid that our peaceful paradise will soon be not so peaceful anymore?  What else are we to fear? Illnesses, accidents, robberies? Just how much do fears and worries affect your life and well being?

Psycho – Neuro- Immunology has proven that fear reduces the effectiveness of the immune system and the activity of the self regulatory mechanisms within us. When we know that having fears and worries is not good for us, how then is this knowledge transformed into our daily practice?

Life in itself is a risk.  The Psychotherapist Verena Kast analyzes and interprets fairy tales and one of her works is about “Having faith in your own destiny”. In her work she explains how fairy tales show over again how beneficial it is, to take risks and challenges, because it contributes to the vitality of life.

In our society we have the tendency to create nets of security, we are so susceptible to dreadful thoughts and we are trying to exclude risk as much as possible. But we have to know, absolute security is not possible and by living in fear we very often limit aspects of ourselves, opportunities and vitality that could enrich our lives.

If we want to live life to the fullest, if we really want to live our purpose, we should accept or even welcome challenges and risks – always according to our possibilities and life circumstances. We have to have faith and trust in our own destiny – about our life, our relationships, and our health.

Health is moved by faith. Faith can enable us to elevate ourselves to health and well being.

If we fear disease and think of ourselves in connection with disease, then this will produce within ourselves disease. Our thoughts are so powerful, they will eventually manifest in our physical body. If we have doubts about our safety from disease we will connect ourselves with disease and create its forms and motions.

The important factor is that we have to have faith in our thoughts, because the creative power of a thought is given by the faith that is in it. Thoughts without faith do not create forms. That is a general principle and works in both ways: health and/or disease.

Faith begins with belief. What do we have to believe in order to be healthy and to have faith in health?

Generally there is more health-power than disease-power in both ourselves and our environment. Just consider the millions of viruses and bacteria, the bugs and insects around us, the harmful escapades during our life – and how are we today? We are still living and enjoying a functioning body that overcame and resisted so far, all of the invaders around us.

There is a Spiritual Intelligence in all living beings, a life force, that permeates, penetrates and keeps everything in order and in an harmonious state. This intelligence always exerts its power toward health (because it is about surviving).

A belief in this is the foundation for faith in health. It is one belief that health is the natural state of humanity and that all the power of nature works toward health and can surely be attained by all.

The power of health in the universe is many times greater than that of disease – in fact, disease is mostly the result of being not in balance within ourselves and our environment. Seen from this aspect, dysfunction of organs or disease is a friendly and wise message to bring us back into a balanced harmonious state.

Disease provides us a motivation to correct things, to live our purpose, to forgive ourselves and others. Disease serves as a motivation to learn and to practice the “hygiene of thoughts” and to sort out the disease creating belief systems and returning to a state of having faith in health.

If we believe that health is possible and when we know exactly what to do in order to attain it, then it is no longer impossible to have good health. Fear and worries then turn into curiosity about life itself and that cancels out automatically fear.

Enjoy your life, be grateful and have faith. Here at Lake Side you are in the right area to really live it. I wish all of you a healthy 2011.

For more information: Barbara Rotthaler, German licensed Holistic Practitioner and Naturopath can be reached at (376) 7661987 or by email barbararotthaler@gmail.com www.chapalahealth.com

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