The Common Cold

Your body’s opportunity to show its strength.

The most common reason people see their doctor is for the common cold, also known as upper respiratory infection. Colds can be caused by over 200 different viruses, including rhinovirus, adenovirus, para-influenza viruses etc. Symptoms will vary based on the individual who develops the cold and the type of virus that is causing the infection.


Unfortunately many people each year are still treated with antibiotics for colds. Not only does this practice not help the person, but it can lead to problems for the individual and also the society in general. Antibiotic overuse interrupts the normal bacterial balance within the body, can lead to bowel disturbances and susceptibility to parasites etc.  But the most serious problem from antibiotic overuse is the development of “super bacteria” that is resistant to most or all available drugs.

Natural Medicine and Homeopathy, however, works through the stimulus of the person’s own immune/defense system, increases the resistance against infections and provides effective and safe treatment solutions.

Recommendations for Prevention

  • Drink plenty of water, lemon, fruit and vegetable juices and have enough rest and sleep
  • Increase fruits and vegetables in the diet and use less dairy products
  • Reduce refined sugar, especially things like Coca Cola and soft drinks
  • Continue to do regular exercise to increase circulation and elimination of sludge via perspiration. Avoid being constipated.
  • Dry brushing the skin of the whole body in the morning 
  • If you are feeling tired, try to rest and to relax more often.
  • Wash hands often, especially before eating, Gargling with Colloidal Silver

Supplements for Prevention

Vitamin.C 1000 mg 3 x a day, Zinc 15 mg per day and Vitamin E 400 IU per day.

For people who easily get severe colds, I recommend (in addition to the above) to take a product that already contains immune factors, i.e. Transfer Factor.

Initial Stages

Sometimes with 1 or 2 Aspirin, rest and hot teas, the cold is over in a few days and no specific treatments are necessary, especially if the energy is still good.

Homeopathic Remedies

When the body is not able to fight off the infection easily, Homeopathy has some effective remedies to support the healing. Here are some suggestions.

The Initial Stage

Aconitum is commonly used for colds and flu of sudden onset, when exposure to cold, air conditioning, or wind may be the cause. It often begins after midnight with a dry cough. You just know that you are going to get sick and there seems to be no escape.

Belladonna is also used for the rapid onset of a cold, but the main symptom is high fever, red face, sweating and heat in the whole body, but with cold extremities. Symptoms occur more in the late afternoon.

Ferrum phosphoricum is frequently used during the first signs of a cold that has fewer and milder symptoms.

Respiratory involvement

Common symptoms at this stage include congestion, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, ear pain, headache, cough etc. The body produces these symptoms to help to eliminate the infection.  Mucous forms both a barrier to the respiratory tract and an effective vehicle to trap the viruses and expel them from the body.

Homeopathic Remedies for this Stage

Pulsatilla is used after the prodromal phase, when there is a profuse, bland yellow discharge, worse in a stuffy room and better outside.

Bryonia alba  (most frequently used) is typically chosen for colds that have dryness in the respiratory tract, which irritates the mucous membrane and leads to a painful cough. The whole body hurts, even movements of the eyes. People who need Bryonia are tired and irritable, they have the “nothing is right” mood and they want to be undisturbed.

Mercurius solubilis is indicated when there is a foul smelly breath and yellowish-greenish discharge. The throat is sore with involvement of the lymph glands. The person is sweating and feels worse during the night.

There are many more remedies for treating a cold.  The above mentioned are more frequently indicated and should give you just an idea about the possibility of using Homeopathy in these cases. En general for acute cases I recommend taking the remedy in potency C 30, 3 x a day 5 drops. If symptoms clear up reduce to just twice or once a day.

Generally, children will have intense symptoms with high fever, but still running around or they sleep through their illness while adults tend to have colds that come on more gradually without much fever, but with feeling exhausted and then hang on for a longer period with slow recovery. Homeopathy helps to shorten the process.

We have to know, that common cold viruses represent just one of the many stressors in this life. Strengthening our body’s ability to adapt to these stresses and maintain balance is the path to true health.

For more information: Barbara Rotthaler, German licensed Holistic Practitioner and Naturopath can be reached at (376) 7661987 or by email


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