Body Treatment

MassageTherapies – The relaxing way to achieve vibrant health 

Massage therapy is an ancient practice proven to relieve stress, promote circulation, strengthen your ability to fight off disease and bring new life to tired muscles.

Massage therapy in general provides infinite benefits for the body/mind system. Pamper yourself or a loved one with a massage to obtain a deep level of relaxation and an increased sense of well being. There are several types of massage, and during your first visit we will choose the most beneficial massage for you.

General Deep Tissue & Relaxing Massage

This different and surprising approach to massage is a synthesis of what I have learned from many years of giving massage, practicing Natural and Energetic Medicine and Meditation.

The long, continuous, flowing strokes work sensitively yet deeply into the muscles allowing you to relax, give in and simply ‘be’. The rhythmic use of forearms and hands is like a dance, while the simultaneous massaging of sometimes two areas of your body (foot and leg or hip and shoulder) frequently results in your brain being unable to follow what is going on, thus giving it no other option but to let go and sleep.

The use of full-body strokes – rocking movements combined with moments of stillness and therapeutic touch – frees your energy, creating a deep sense of balance and harmony that positively affects your mind, body and soul.

The deeper, fluid forearm pressure, gentle stretches and joint rotations seek out tension in painful muscles and work gracefully and effectively on injuries. Allow yourself to drift into timelessness while your body is restored, your mind floats in a sea of calmness and your soul touches bliss.


Foot Reflexology enhances overall well being and relieves pain and discomfort of your feet. Gentle but firm pressure is applied systematically over the whole surface of each foot. Internal structures and organs are mirrored in miniature on the feet and applying pressure will enhance the health and well being of your whole body.

Reflexology is a science which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance.

Reflexology is a serious advance in the health field and should not be confused with massage. Reflexology is particularly helpful to reduce pain and discomfort of the feet. I like to combine reflexology with a Baking Soda/ Epsom Salt foot bath to get even better results.

Lymphatic Drainage

A very specialized type of massage called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is an important part of the treatment of lymphoedema. To be effective in treating lymphoedema, it is important to use the correct technique.

The aim of the massage is to stimulate or move the excess fluid away from the swollen area so that it can drain away normally. Massage also encourages and improves drainage in the healthy lymphatics (which helps keep fluid away from swollen areas).

Manual lymphatic drainage differs from ordinary massage – it is very gentle and aims to encourage movement of lymph away from swollen areas. MLD is particularly useful if there is swelling in the face, breast, abdomen, legs and feet around ankles and after injuries or surgeries.

As this is a specialized form of massage, it should be given only by a trained therapist.