Inner Cleansing

Detoxification – The Most Effective Way To Achieve Vibrant Health

A sick body is a “toxic” body and if we want to heal this body, we first have to eliminate the sludge before a real cure can take place. Metabolic acidic waste substances are especially prevalent around joints and connective tissue, but also in inner organs, in arteries and in the lymphatic tissue. If a person is young or has sufficient exercise and a healthy diet, the body can eliminate these products by itself.

If a person has a sedentary life style, too much stress and a wrong diet, then the body’s own organs can not eliminate these substances sufficiently. They block the normal function of regulatory mechanisms and that leads to ailments, pain and chronic sickness. The result is a typical problem in our modern society and life style.

It is a matter of fact, that never before in the history have there been so many people suffering from chronic illnesses as are common today: arthritis, allergies, and irritable bowl syndrome, coronary diseases, cancer, rheumatism just to name a few, are illnesses they could have been avoided or prevented.

We spend more money than ever on health care programs, our technical standard of medicine has never been better than now – but in spite of that we are not really healthier! We live longer yes, but how is the quality of life of millions of people?

Turn The Condition Of Not Feeling Well Into Vibrant Health! How does it work?

An Inner cleansing cure treatment based on Natural Medicine is easy to do!

After an initial consultation, I will come up with a cure-treatment regimen that we will discuss.

Nobody is forced to do something that he/she does not agree with.

The cure can be done at home and can last a few days or 2 to 3 weeks. It can be a strict and strong cure regimen or a milder one. The more severe the condition, the more health problems somebody has, the more carefully it has to be done.

I mainly use the 5 elements of nature (which is the classic form of Natural Medicine): water in its different forms, air, sun, soil (mud) and herbals.

Individual diet (make food your remedy!), mostly based on fruit and vegetables, will be a major part of the cure.

Brushing the skin to stimulate the lymphatic system, intestinal cleansing and re-establishing a healthy intestinal flora, exercises (choosing whatever the person likes), herbal teas and homeopathic remedies to support the inner organs are just examples of how the cure would be performed.

Believe me: It is fun when you see how easily you can change into the state of better health. Going slowly but surely in the right direction is the main successful ingredient and with my know-how and experience, I would like to help and support you on that path!

By the way: Here in Mexico is an ideal place to do it because of the warm climate, the thermal water, the variety of fruits and vegetables and the overall ALEGRIA (happiness) that is so typical of this area.