Pain Therapy


You don’t have to suffer from arthritis and pain, or to worry that you might need a knee or hip replacement in the future.  A holistic approach provides successful solutions. 

  • It is a new approach to pain – without drugs and surgery. It combines prevention and healing modalities.
  • It integrates different methods and works interdisciplinary.
  • It sees pain as a whole body issue and not only as a local process of a joint or area.

A holistic approach to Pain Therapy…

…is an individualized therapy. After an initial consultation, a treatment plan is made and discussed with the client. Time and financial aspects are considered when determining a treatment plan.

…has a goal to empower a person to learn how to improve and heal the condition and how to stay healthy and pain free while reducing dependency on doctors and drugs.

…integrates physical, emotional and nutritional aspects. Treatment modalities are from classic natural medicine including herbal medicine and hydrotherapy, homeopathy, manual therapy including deep tissue massage and pain point pressure therapy, relaxation techniques, physiotherapy, chiropractic and an individualized exercise program.