Barbara was instrumental in helping me relieve my chronic upper body pain. She is extremely knowledgeable about how the body operates and diverse in her abilities to help people from a holistic approach. Barbara targets her treatments effectively while giving the client exercises to boost and sustain the healing process. Barbara is a very caring professional who I recommend highly.
Dr. Brian Brody, Denver Colorado (March 2016)

“Barbara is a true healer.  I first came to Barbara with chronic neck pain, low back pain, and swollen knees caused by osteoarthritis. Over several months, she treated me using pain point pressure therapy to release the shortened muscles.

She taught me exercises to use for specific muscles.  We worked as partners in my healing program  that relieved the chronic pain and enabled ease of movement. Barbara also prepared homeopathic remedies when I needed them. She is extremely knowledgeable of the healing arts and very dedicated to her patients.

When I first went to Barbara, I was 69 years old. Next month, I turn 71, and to my great delight, I feel stronger and more vital than I have in many years.

Barbara, I am so grateful to you. You have helped me regain my health and mobility where I feel young again in both body and mind.”
~ Jackline Waye, Chapala


“For the past 10 years I had constant discomfort, limited range of motion, and especially pain in my hips, SI joint, sciatica and back that caused me to limit my activity.  A year earlier I had an orthopedic exam and X-rays and was told that I needed a lower spine fusion. I went to Barbara Rotthaler for 7 sessions in January 2014. She was using Liebscher und Bracht Pain Point Pressure Therapy in combination with Deep Tissue Massage. She worked on my hips, back, legs and shoulders. I can feel that this work was doing wonderful things for me.  I feel so much more flexibility in my hips and body and no pain anymore.

She gave me a series of exercises to do twice a day to maintain the progress that had been made in the sessions. I continue to do the exercises a minimum of every other day.

I also had a large ganglion cyst on my wrist that reappeared every time I had it treated. Since she worked on it, it hasn’t reappeared.

Barbara is kind, humble, knowledgeable and caring. It was delightful to be treated by her.  Barbara, thank you so much.”
~ Dionne Faith Hearne, Virginia Beach


“I want to thank you for the transformative work we did together yesterday. I truly felt like a NEW person afterwards and continue to feel that way today”
~ R.K. Ajijic


“I will certainly see you again when I come back. I appreciate all your encouragement and professional care, which I value more than you can imagine”
~ M.E. Florida


“Thanks again for the “tender loving care”
~ L.V. Ajijic


“We thank you for the special attention you gave us while we were there. We miss your wonderful massages. We hope to see you again in the near future”
~ P.M. Canada


“Wanted to let you know I am much better. My energy level is better and I am feeling much more “myself”. I will let you know if anything changes but am hopeful that I will be getting on the plane in good health. Thank you for your concern and compassion. Your calls were greatly appreciated. I’ll see you when I get back”
~B.J., Ajijic


“Thank you so much for putting together yesterday’s workshop, and your patio and terrace was a perfect setting for the group. I felt good for the rest of the day — a little tired, maybe, but pain-free! Please pass on my thanks to Aubrey, too”
~ J.B., Ajijic


“Just want to say thank you again for the massage ~ I’m still feeling the increase in circulation!”
~ S.B. Chapala


“If I remember correctly, you will not be back until the end of August, but I wasn’t sure. Let me know, as I want to schedule a massage. I have had a few massages over the course of the summer, but no one who understands body mechanics and physiology as well as you do!”
~ J.B.. Ajijic


“My husband were at the Focus on Mexico group Feb 2nd-9th and I wanted to tell you that your talk was one of the high points! I took your talk to heart and bought a juicer and have been drinking fruit juices every morning. Your talk really got me thinking. Thank you so much, Barbara!”
~ C.F., Canada

           Just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my shoulder issue.I was very impressed with your knowledge and expertise, and your  application of that knowledge.
 I haven’t felt this good in almost eight months. A long time to carry and deal with pain, especially with someone that tries to be active.
 R.B., Chapala (Nov. 2014)


Thanks Barbara, These exercises are really clear. Pictures help immensely. I’ve started but have a ways to go. I’ll keep you posted.
Even Dave who is not into anything unless it’s sanctioned by a medical person is planning on a visit. You are impressive!
Warm regards
C.T. Ajijic (Feb. 2015)
Dear Barbara,
You have helped me more in 3 sessions than years of PT, dealing with pain and difficulty doing what I love, gardening. You are a treasure!
H.M. Ajijic (March 2015)
Hi Barbara
My pain is gone so don’t need to reschedule. If it returns I will come to see you. Thanks for your help in making me feel so much better.
C.J. Chapala (March 2015)
Hi, my back  is to normal today!  No pain at all.   THANK You!!!
See you next winter
L.D. Ajijic (March 2015)
“If you see Barbara (the lady that gave me the massage), please tell her that my left leg is still softer than usual. Whatever she did it is lasting a very long time.” J.MC. USA (Feb 2016)