My Experience

Growing up in the Alps of Bavaria, my father taught me a lot about plants and nature and started taking me on hiking tours at an early age. So my childhood was very much related to nature. My mother was a mid wife.

When I reached the age of 21 I went to Munich to become a registered nurse. I had my training in all the different departments of the University Hospitals of Munich . After my certification, I worked mainly in Intensive Care. In the early 1980’s, I spent a year in Taiwan with my family, where I learned the Chinese language as well as the ancient arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. After that I returned to Munich.

Because of my disappointment with the results of conventional medicine treatments of chronic illnesses, I became a student of natural medicine.  I studied for three years in Munich, after which I was certified by the government to practice natural medicine.

During the following years I specialized in Classic Homeopathy. I found what I was looking for in the concept of Homeopathy: the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT connection in which the person is seen as a whole being with no separation between the mental, the emotional and the physical body. This concept was very attractive to me.

For 14 years I worked in Munich in my private practice. During that time I also became a co-founder and board member of the Homeopathy Forum in Munich, the largest organization of homeopathic practitioners in German and I also worked as a teacher in homeopathic and natural medicine schools.

My Work in Mexico

In 1997 I had the opportunity to move to Mexico. At this time, I hardly spoke English and no Spanish, so I was thinking about what I could do without having excellent language skills.

Developing Body Work

Therapeutic massage techniques had been a part of my studies. My general knowledge about health helped me to understand the body in all its function.  Over the years I developed different techniques to help people with acute or chronic pain. Even though I can give relaxing “well-being” massages, my focus is on body work with profound and intensive attention on affected body parts with the ultimate goal being to relieve pain and dysfunctions.

After improving my language skills I integrated Natural Medicine, Homeopathy and Body Work in a complete system of healing.

The most astonishing part of my work is seeing how quickly people regain strength and health by being open and willing to work with the body’s own healing capacities.

Clinic Vida Sana in Guadalajara

In 1998 I met Dr. Ignacio Regla, Director of the “Instituto Vida Sana Mundo Natural” (, a clinic for Natural Medicine in Guadalajara where people stay, usually for a week, to undergo cleansing cures to improve their health. I worked there until 2011. The slogan of the clinic is: “En la naturaleza esta tu salud”, which means “in nature is your health”.


Some of my mentors always told me: “Barbara, besides being doctors, we have to be teachers to educate people how to live a healthy life.” Therefore, educating people on how they can heal themselves, giving classes and workshops is a part of my mission.

What I’ve found in Mexico

Coming to Mexico has been like a big opening for me…a growing in so many different aspects. At first, living here was like a perpetual stay in a wellness spa.

I can say I am learning so much more, including seeing medicine from a philosophical and spiritual point of view.

Over the years I have become more and more humble about the mysteries of health and illness. For me there is a wealth of knowledge and possibilities I have discovered here that I could not experience in Germany.  For example, I am learning from Curanderos and Shamans and from people who come to this area from all over the world who like to share their knowledge.

I encourage all my clients to be aware and grateful for all the possibilities this area offers to us. Everything that we need to become happy and healthy is available here.