Pain Point Pressure Therapy


A Paradigm Shift in Musculo Skeletal Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy Without Drugs and Surgery 

Pain Point Pressure Therapy in combination with specific stretching exercises is an amazingly effective approach to all kinds of pain conditions that have their origin in the musculo-skeletal system.

The therapy is based on a different understanding of the general cause of pain.

Pain occurs as a warning or threat and wants us to stop using the body in a harmful way.

The new understanding sees pain as a result of a false structural program and not as a result of damage or inflammation. The imbalanced structure is caused by physical inactivity or repetitive use of muscles. This results in pain. We have about 600 muscles in our body, but we only use one third of them regularly. We are not designed for a “lazy” inactive life style”. Our muscular system follows an antagonistic principle. Our body needs balanced movements to be healthy.

How does Pain Point Pressure Therapy Work?

Pain Point Pressure Therapy applies pressure on specific receptors of the muscular-skeletal system.  These receptors are located where tendons are connected to the bones. When a muscle is tense or contracted then these points are highly sensitive. Pressure releases the tension in the muscles and pain diminishes or disappears.

Actively Participating in the Treatment is Crucial

Paint Point Pressure Therapy provides specific stretching exercises for each problem. The stretching program is part of the treatment and guaranties faster and lasting results. It requires practice once or twice a day for a few minutes!

It really can be fun to see how the body reacts quickly, how pain is reduced, and the range of motion improves.

The results are astonishing and motivating. No medication is needed and the fear of surgeries can be released. It just needs the determination to work actively in achieving the goal of living a pain free life.

Normally only 1 to 3 treatments for each pain area are needed. Very often right after the first session there is a significant pain relieve from 30 to 70% possible.