What is a Holistic Approach?

Illness as a wake-up call 

Illness, pain or dysfunction is meant to be a friend that is sent to us as a message…a lesson. The deeper meaning is that “something” is out of harmony. In the sacred medicine of the Mayas and other cultures, there exists only one word for illness:

d y s h a r m o n y ( dis – ease)!

In my work I see myself as someone who helps the person to understand these messages and to bring back order to these disharmonic fields.

Very often we are either blind to our own issues or we think that things have to be like they are and we don’t see any possibility of changing it.

Understanding the deeper cause of illness

I always start treatments in a chronic case with a two-hour, case-taking interview.

To find out what the problem is, I look into all different levels of our being…the physical, the emotional and the mental level, questioning:

  1. What is the cause of the illness?
  2. Is there an underlying problem that was not addressed or seen before?
  3. Is the problem caused by an emotional trauma, accident or an illness from which the person never completely recovered?
  4. How is the energy of the person?
  5. How is the sleep, the digestion, the function of all organs?
  6. How is the diet (breakfast, lunch and dinner)?
  7. How much does the person exercise?

All these things can contribute to the problem.

Treatment plans

After this initial interview, I develop a treatment plan, which I discuss with the patient. I choose between different techniques and approaches depending on the individual situation of the person and her/his willingness to get healthier.

The treatment plan might be an inner cleansing cure that includes a certain diet, whole body or partial massages, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, teas from herbal plants to support liver and kidneys, mud packs and/or homeopathic remedies. Intestinal cleansing to reestablish proper functioning and friendly bacterial flora may also be included. It is most important for health and, therefore, a special focus in treatments.  It may also be necessary to do daily brushing of the body with a firm brush to increase the lymphatic fluid.  I may recommend different kinds of exercises, Yoga, Qi Gong or cardiovascular training. Weekly visits to the Thermal Spas in San Juan Cosala might be part of these treatment plans.

Library & Workshops

An important part of my work is to make sure the person learns and understands more about his or her problem. Therefore, I have excellent books, documentary films and DVDs about health issues for the client.

Series of health lectures are usually provided during the winter season.  For interested people, I also offer health lectures and workshops about homeopathic first-aid remedies, where people can learn how to treat and use certain remedies for simple acute illnesses like flu or cold, indigestion, food poisoning, stings and bites (including Scorpion bites), cuts and burns.

Home kits with the remedies are available.

Health is something that can be achieved by making a decision and taking action

Just taking pills is not enough. It doesn’t matter whether they’re natural-based or chemical ones. It takes knowledge and confidence in the body’s own healing capacity.

Sometimes to get healthy, one needs someone who can take you by your hand and help you with expertise, compassion and love to discover the path toward better health.

Each person is different. Each person has his or her own individual “story.” When we treat people, we have to get in tune with them and suggest things that are possible for them to do…not something that will cause new stress, an early ending to their treatment or additional frustrations. That makes my work interesting and challenging.

The goal of each treatment is to bring back balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit as much as possible. I have learned over years, that there is no single technique or method, but a combination of many techniques and methods.

I am dedicated to working with people, I love my work, and I am also very thankful to all of my clients, because their learning is my learning.