How To Re-establish The Balance Between Alkalinity And Acidity

(This is the second part of the article about alkalinity and acidity.)

In my last article I wrote about how over-acidity in the tissue influences our health. In the second part of the article you will learn how to stop the overload of acidity and what specific types of food help to alkalize the body.

You don’t have to change your life style completely to bring back the metabolic balance between alkalinity and acidity in your body. If you work here and there a little bit on old habits, then you will improve the balance automatically and you will feel much better.

Short summary of what leads to over acidity:

Most of the acidity in our body comes from the metabolism itself, through food and digestion.

Food can contain acidity or can create acidity. Important for the organism is, that the acidity oxidizes easily and therefore disappears from the body very fast (e.g. sour fruits) or it will convert into heavy acidity (e.g. sulfuric acid). Therefore, even food like meat, that is originally alkaline, can turn into acidity during the metabolic process.

External causes of over acidity are:

  • Insufficient intake of alkaline food.
  • Insufficient intake of necessary substances like oxygen, minerals, trace elements, vitamins.
  • Over activity of the sympathetic nervous system

Internal causes of over acidity are:

  • Chronic malfunction and dysbiosis of the intestines (bloated feeling, gas etc.)
  • Lack of enzymes
  • Inhibited function of the kidneys
  • Dysfunction of the stomach

The treatments are:

1. Reduction of acid producing intake

2. Inhibition of acidity production in the metabolism

3. Elimination of acidity in the body

4. Normalizing the metabolism

5. Increased intake of alkaline producing substances through food and minerals.
Each of these points contains single steps, but all together lead to a general healthy life style.

1. Elimination of acidity creating food

This includes everything sweet, white flour, cheese, meat, poultry, and fish. Canned vegetables belong to this group because the preservation process eliminates important minerals. Also creating acidity is alcohol, coffee, Coca Cola, all sweet drinks, and black tea (if steeped less than 5 minutes). There are only a few foods, fats for example, that have a neutral metabolic reaction.

General suggestions:

  • Drink one cup of coffee less today and slowly reduce it more and more. You might react with headaches the first days. Black tea is stimulating too, the effect is slower but longer lasting – so be careful with black tea in the afternoon or late at night. It could cause sleep problems.
  • Try to avoid alcoholic and sweet beverages in general. At least don’t drink alcohol every evening.
  • Eat less meat and poultry – but instead eat bigger portions of vegetables.
  • Avoid cane food.

If you need the effect of coffee to be fit, go earlier to bed, avoid heavy food (digestion process consumes energy!). Do a cold arm bath or dry brushing of the skin to stimulate the circulation. Use tiger balm or any other peppermint essential oil on your temples for refreshment.

2. Inhibition of acidity in the metabolism

There are two particular factors that are important to know:

(1) the stressful life style of our times leads to an overworked sympathetic nervous system and that causes acidity in the body.

(2) The dysfunction of our intestines causes too much acidity in general. Minimizing stress and creating healthy intestines should be a major goal.

3. Elimination of acidity in the body:


  • Hydro therapy with warm-cold alternating showers or arm or foot baths, dry brushing of the skin (increases lymphatic fluidity), de-acidification baths with alkaline salts like Baking soda or Epsom salts. (The body tries to keep the balance between “inside” and “outside”). The bath helps to soften hard skin particles, tight muscles and also lessens arthritic pain. You may have heard about the healing effect from health spas all over the world! It is because of the minerals!
  • Sauna
  • Poultices, especially on liver and abdominal area.
  • Drinking of 2.5 liters (about 80 ounces) of water, mineral water or /and herbal teas for kidney support.
  • If you are sweating or exercising you have to drink even more. Ice cold drinks should be avoided because they disturb and affect the nervous system in the digestive tract.

Ideal herbal teas are dandy lion, stinging nettle, horsetail, fennel, anis and chamomile all have a relaxing function on the digestive system. All herbal teas have a strong alkalizing effect (except fruit teas like jamaica tea) and are highly recommended.

  • Have an “alkaline day” occasionally – maybe once a week. For example fresh pressed fruit or vegetable juices, salads and/or vegetables. By the way: potatoes belong to the group of alkalizing food and you can have them together with vegetables on such a day.
  • Exercising and sport. This is the most elegant and efficient way of eliminating the over acidity. Deeper and more profound breathing releases carbon monoxide and the better circulation helps to get rid of old acidity deposits. But be careful: don’t over do it – or you will get a reversed effect by creating too much lactic acid in the muscles. If you are not used to a lot of physical activity then start slowly; e.g. walk more instead of using the car. During your activity you still should be able to talk. Not being able to breath through your nose anymore is a signal, that there is not enough oxygen supply for the systems. So better slow down.

4. Normalizing the metabolism

In an over acidic condition where already most of the organ systems operate on the edge of their capacity, it is more difficult to bring back the balance between alkalinity and acidity. In this situation it is recommended to go on an “Inner cleansing or detoxification cure.

In addition to the steps I have mentioned, the recuperation of intestines, liver and kidneys as well as the release of acidity and sludge from the connective tissue, muscles and joints have to be a major focus.

5. Increased intake of alkaline substances through food and minerals

For good health it is recommended that 70 % of all food should have an alkalizing effect(most fruit and vegetables) .

Remember, it has nothing to do with the taste. Our sour lemons and citrus fruit are one of the strongest “alkalizers”. But you always have to check your personal tolerance to food. Some people just don’t do well with sour fruits. In other more severe cases of over – acidity it is best to supplement the system with a special combination of different minerals like sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, etc. These products should not be taken on a regular basis and only in agreement with your physician or naturopath.

Please keep in mind, that there are many factors that lead to health problems and there are also many possibilities and ways to bring back health. The balance of alkalinity and acidity is just one of them. Nevertheless, it is one of the most effective and easiest ways to improve your health.

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  1. I am a massage therapist but I see myself more as a holistic health practioner. Some of my healing areas of interest are affirmations of self acceptance;scientific meditations (Gradual and Autonomic); music; breathing (training) and on and on!
    Since I have worked with the elderly (as a nurse’s aide) for many years; and since I am in my early 60s with 90 year old parents, I am specializing in Geriatric health through massage and other relevant awarenesses. I see the age as a “disease” concept all too often.
    I started looking up your Arthritis teaching after my mother told me that she was back on pain killers.I was quite impressed with this and many of your other articles so I chose this one to answer some personal questions about my somewhat acidic situation that seems to be caused by a low grade dental condition. I found all your articles to be helpful and if I ever complete my facebook application,I will put a thumbs up. Thanks for all that you do ! Sincerely, Eve Gutwirth MT

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