Alkalinity and Acidity

Chapala Health HomeopathicAcidity accumulation in the body is the cause of many illnesses and chronic ailments. Our conventional medicine has been successful in dealing with life- threatening situations but it has not conquered most chronic ailments. More and more we can observe that young people are less healthy even though they have always had the necessary substances of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins available for their diet. Therefore the problem cannot be explained by lack of nutrients. What is the problem?

It is all about balance. The universe operates by keeping opposites in balance, and the universe contained within your body is no exception. When imbalance occurs, one gets signs of disease, low energy, fatigue, poor digestion, excess weight, foggy thinking, aches and pains as well as major disorders.

When you look around you see that most people with our modern life styles are suffering from imbalance. They just don’t feel healthy and it is almost common for many people to fill their days and weeks with doctor’s visits. We have forgotten that it is natural to live – and to die – healthy.

Cancer, heart disease and diabetes as well as most of the other ailments are directly linked to diet. While diet is the key not only to slimness and overall health, it has to be a diet that properly balances our body chemistry. But also such supposedly healthful regimens as low fat diets, the food pyramid, and vegetarianism can create imbalanced body chemistry. Most important in this regard is the balance between alkalinity and acidity (measured in ph).

The Role Of The PH – Level

The strength of acidic and alkaline substances is measured as the ph factor. The scale reaches from 1 to 14. The neutral point is 7. Everything below 7 is acidic, above alkaline. Our stomach for example has a ph of 1, blood is always constant around 7.37-7.43 (except in life threatening situations when blood becomes rapidly overly acidic, and therefore requires an immediate intravenous alkaline solution to save one’s life).

All chemical reactions need optimal conditions under which they can function in the best way. If there is too much acidity in the body, the reactions of the metabolism are reduced or totally limited. Because of its importance, our body has many different possibilities to keep that fragile system in constant order. The kidneys, the lungs, the red blood cells, all are working to maintain the balance. The problem is that acidity itself is constantly created by the activity of our metabolism, but alkalinity has to come almost entirely from “outside” of the body.

What are the sources of alkalinity?

Sources of alkalinity are for example oxygen which we get through our breathing. Therefore being active, moving the body and exercises are so important. It increases the circulation and provides more oxygen because of deeper breathing.

But most important in this regard is the food. Everything we eat or drink, is metabolized either as acidity or alkalinity. It has nothing to do with the taste – in fact – our sour lemons are the most potent alkalizing source. To make it very simple: Fruit and vegetables are on the alkaline side. The rest is either neutral or creates acidity.

The recommendation is that 60 to 70 % of our food intake should be fruit and vegetable.
Forget calories and fat grams. Forget cholesterol counts or any of the other markers of health you are used to at the doctor’s office.
Following this recommendation of alkaline intake plus exercising and having a positive attitude to life is necessary to keep the body in its normal healthy state.

I recommend that you write down what you eat on a regular day for breakfast, lunch, supper and in between. Mark fruit and vegetables green and the rest yellow, including coffee and alcohol. See how many “greens and yellows” you have on your list. 60 to 70% green? -Probably not- Our average American diet is just the opposite.

Why does over-acidity cause problems in our body and what are the signs of over acidity?

General consequences can be either demineralization of the bones (osteoporosis), dysfunction of the immune system and/or acidity accumulation in the tissue. We know today, which factors play an important role in degenerative and inflammatory disease. Chronic over-acidity is a major factor. It corrodes body tissues, inhibits circulation, lowers the oxygen level and if left unchecked will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain. It will accumulate in and around your joints, the arteries, in the connective tissue etc. The sharp burning pain for example that you feel around your painful joints are little tiny acid crystals. Yeast infections, repetitive colds or the chronic swelling around your ankles can be also an indication.

We all know about uric acid, but there is also nitric acid, sulfuric acid, lactic acid etc. In other words, over-acidity interferes with life itself.

Can the ph level of the tissue be measured?

Unfortunately it is not possible to measure the ph level of the tissue. Only blood, urine and saliva can be tested, but these ph measurements cannot give definitive proof that there is too much acidity in the tissue itself.

In Alternative and Natural Medicine it is one of the major focuses to eliminate and flush out metabolic waste substances, sludge and acidity from the body in order to create a healthy environment for all functions. De-acidification or Inner Cleansing cures are the best and easiest way to bring back a state of well being (see my article about Inner Cleansing in the January issue of the Lake Chapala Review).

Over and over again, we have witnessed joy, relief and renewed peace of mind in those who have turned a serious or chronic illness around and in those who lost weight they had been battling for years. In others, cholesterol levels dropped, skin cleared up, itching stopped, energy returned and aches and pains disappeared.

A lot of medicinal drugs or costly treatments can be avoided if the metabolism is corrected and balanced.

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