Biological Complementary Cancer Therapy (Part II)

In the last issue, I wrote about general aspects of biological complementary cancer therapy. This article follows with detailed information.

All complementary arrangements should be part of a holistic treatment concept and they include the patient’s own contribution to the healing process as well as professional therapeutic interventions.

In general, it is important to provide psychological support right from the initial diagnosis. It helps the patient and his family to cope with the difficult situation, to deal with controversial medical statements, fear and pain etc.

What can the patient do?

A healthy diet is the basis of a well functioning metabolism (“You are what you eat”). Basically, a diet rich in vegetables, salads and fruits, whole grain products, high quality fats, oils and proteins is recommended. Fast foods, preservatives, additives, cane syrup and sugar must absolutely be avoided.

Another must is moderate physical activity. Studies show that physical activity of cancer patients helps them to cope better with stress and fear and helps to decrease the amount of pain and psycho pharmaceutical medications by increasing the endorphins through exercise.

Complementary basic therapies

Vitamins are essential, especially A, C, E (vitamin C as infusion therapy)

Trace elements Selenium and Zinc

Phytonutrients ( secondary plant compounds found in all fruit, vegetables or herbs), Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil) and Coenzym Q 10.

Enzymes such as Lipase, Papain, Trypsin etc. are strongly recommended after surgeries, in cases of chemo and radiation therapies, and as long term therapy to prevent metastasis.

Microbiological therapy:

All cancer patients show signs of intestinal dysbiosis, (an abnormal intestinal flora), so regeneration of the intestinal flora through intestinal care and probiotics is absolutely necessary.

Balancing acidity and alkalinity

Chronic diseases such as cancer exist in an over-acidic body, especially during conventional therapies. In addition to an alkaline based diet, it is possible to take special alkaline (sodium free) tablets or powders for balancing.

Immune Modulation Therapies: mistletoe and thymus

The mistletoe plant has been used since 1917 in cancer therapies. It was developed by the anthroposophist, Rudolf Steiner. During the last decades mistletoe induced a keen scientifically interest and more than 1000 studies were done. The plant contains a lot of secondary plant compounds and high amounts of “molecular substances” that are responsible for the immune system activation (increases of macrophages, killer cells, cytokines, interferon etc.) and the stimulation of endorphins.

Organotherapy: Peptides from the thymus have been used in cancer therapies for many years. They have immune and neuro-restorative effects similar to the mistletoe. They are taken from thymus cells of young calves and are specifically prepared for the treatment.

Complementary Pain Therapy

To complement conventional drugs can be considered: Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Hypnosis, Meditation, Neural Therapy.

Specific therapeutic approach

Tumor vaccination is a fairly new (and expensive) procedure and only a few clinics are able to do it. Two methods are used. One is the vaccination with standardized dendritic cells, the other method uses a process with the patient’s own tumor cells.


Different forms of hyperthermia are used as complementary therapy in cases of solid tumors. Good results were seen in using a combination of deep hyperthermia with chemo or radiation in some specific tumor conditions.

Oxygen Therapy

There are many different Oxygen Therapies available. The goal is to improve the energy of the patient and to reduce side effects from other therapies.

Colon-Hydro Therapy (Colonics)

The cleansing of the colon helps to release toxic substances. About 70 % of our immune system is located around the processes of the intestines!


This medication in form of capsules or tablets can help to minimize edemas of brain tumors and therefore reduces the amount of cortisone that needs to be given.

General holistic measures

Phytotherapy (medicinal herbs such as tea, tinctures or tablets support many of the body’s function, but mainly liver and kidneys). Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Massages, Hypnosis, Meditation, Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Energy Balancing Techniques etc. are other possibilities to support the patient.

Please consider that some of the above mentioned methods are scientifically still not proven, but used as basic treatments in all alternative cancer clinics.

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