Healing and Wellness – the gift from Lake Chapala

I have been living here at Lakeside for many years and I have seen and talked to hundreds of people. Again and again I witness people becoming healthier while living here. In the past, I often asked myself what is it that makes life for most of us so much happier, and it easier and healthier? Is it the friendly atmosphere, the air, the flowers and trees, the beautiful lake, and the 360 days of sunshine? Or is it just because most of the foreign people are already retired and that they can leave all the worries about job and family behind? Or is it because of the connection with the beautiful Mexican soul and love that comes into their own hearts.

Now I am not asking myself anymore, I just know it! I am convinced that Lake Chapala and the surrounding area is an extraordinary place for healing and wellness. If one wants and decides to be content and healthy, it is possible here. Everything, really everything that is needed to feel that way is provided in abundance.

The lake is not just a lake that creates a mild climate all year around. No, the lake is healing. If you have a view at the lake you don’t need a television. Just let your eyes wander over the water, to the mountains on the other side, the clouds, the constant changing colors and shades, the currents on the surface, the little boats – just looking at itis nourishing to the soul and what nourishes the soul is healing at the same time.

Meditating or just sitting on the shore of the lake can be profoundly inspiring. And it is even more so if you close your eyes and listen to the sound of the water or smell the watery fresh air. Here you can do your exercises or maybe Qi Gong. Especially since Qi Gong has wonderful movements. They are easy to learn and to remember. There is nothing better than early morning on the lake. You can move your arms like a flying bird slowly up and down or you can visualize embracing the lake while you are deeply inhaling and with the arms moving back to your chest you can bring the fullness of the air back into your body.

We don’t need so many prescription drugs when we reconnect with nature. Feeling its spirit and the oneness; that is part of healing.

The indigenous people have many rituals to honor the lake – they pray and do blessings. During those years of low water levels many more people joined them and formed circles and chains along the shore. It is wonderful and gratifying to see the indigenous, the Mexicans and foreigners unifying in one purpose. Together we recognize the importance of the health of the lake for the quality of our lives.

Health is not only the physical well being. Health is also feeling emotionally well and content, being creative and active, being able to deal with daily challenges in a healthy way and sustaining healthy relationships, finding meaning and purpose of life and being able to let go and to forgive.

We need to say ‘thank you” many times every day for what we have in our lives and realize that billions of others don’t. We all worked hard in our life – and maybe we had some dreams of doing joyful things when we are retired. Now and here we can fulfill these “empty” spots of our life to become whole and heal.

Actually everything that is needed to make life happier and healthier is available in abundance here at Lakeside. Here we have “Anti – Aging and Wellness-Living” every day all year long. We just need awareness and an open mind to explore, to enjoy and to learn.

And once in a while please send a blessing and thank you to the lake that comes from deep within your heart.

For more information: Barbara Rotthaler, German licensed Holistic Practitioner and Naturopath can be reached at (376) 7661987 or by email barbararotthaler@gmail.com www.chapalahealth.com

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